Introducing Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Protocol - LAPIP

Say farewell to the challenges posed by infected gum tissue surrounding your dental implants with LAPIP – the cutting-edge Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Protocol.

What Is LAPIP?

LAPIP stands out as a highly efficient treatment specifically crafted for peri-implantitis, a primary contributor to implant failures. Diverging from traditional approaches, LAPIP employs advanced laser technology to pinpoint and eradicate the bacteria responsible for the infection.

LAPIP not only excels in being minimally invasive but also boasts a faster recovery period compared to conventional methods. Opt for LAPIP to anticipate minimal discomfort and a prompt return to your daily routine.

Bid farewell to peri-implantitis hindering your progress. Embrace LAPIP and encounter the groundbreaking treatment transforming the landscape for dental implant patients worldwide.

Minimally Invasive

LAPIP treatment prioritizes minimal invasiveness, translating to reduced discomfort and expedited healing for patients. The precision offered by the laser technology in LAPIP eliminates the necessity for incisions or sutures, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

Enhanced Success

Proven to heighten the success rate of dental implants, LAPIP effectively targets and eliminates the bacteria causing peri-implantitis. By addressing the infection at its source, LAPIP aids in averting implant failures, safeguarding your investment in dental health.

Swift Recovery

Expect a swifter recovery period with LAPIP in comparison to traditional treatments. The minimally invasive nature of the treatment, devoid of incisions or sutures, allows patients to resume their daily routines sooner, experiencing minimal discomfort.

Stressed about your gum and implants?

Opt for LAPIP and enjoy the advantages of minimally invasive treatment, heightened implant success rates, and accelerated recovery times.

  • Safe & Trusted
  • Fast Recovery
  • Easy & Comfortable
  • Minimal Pain
  • Less Bleeding
  • Long Term Health

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