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Dental Hygienist

The first Job I ever had: Dental Assistant.

Why did you decide on a Dental field? Working as a Dental assistant from the early age of 15 I realized I had a real passion for oral health care and was very interested in all aspects of the profession. My best friend introduced me to the Dental field and I would often volunteer my time to helping her and other college students at NYU in the Pediatric unit!

Hobbies and Intrests: I am a dedicated Mother to very loving and caring young adults. I love to bake, read and travel!

What is something people don't know about you? I participate in a Medical / Dental mission with a group of Doctors and Dentists once or twice a year. We bring medical and oral health care to the most remote areas of a third world country where there is minimal availability of care to many adults and children.

What is your favorite food? I am a foodie! If you ask any of my three kids though, they will say, Pizza, Soup and Salad!

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